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Love What You Wear with Yoga-inspired Clothing

Yoga collage dress

Mary Kuntz, President & Founder of
Premadaya Imports from India, modeling
the Yoga Collage Dress from the company’s
new line of Yoga wear.

From a young age I have been drawn to the exotic — particularly to Middle Eastern cultures and to the colors, fabrics, and handiwork of Indian clothing. Our clothing choices express how we feel about ourselves.

They give us a chance to express our joy and to be playful through color and form, the way a child crafts a piece of art into a joyful, colorful experience! That is the philosophical basis upon which I founded my company, Premadaya Imports from India.

Since 1996 I have also worked as a massage therapist, and in that time I have met many warm, talented, interesting women and listened to their stories: how they feel about themselves, the relationships in their lives, their bodies, and their soul journeys. Premadaya was born from my passion to help women be in touch with the wholeness of their femininity — the female body as well as the womanly soul — and to honor the Divine Feminine within.

But it’s not just about our journey as women. Most of the time, our clothing also needs to be functional. It should help us be present in our bodies and feel comfortable in our own skin.

That is why I am so excited about the new line of Yoga Wear that Premadaya is offering to you. The yoga tees are attractive and close-fitting to help you inhabit your body during your yoga practice without getting in the way. The Indian designs with Ganesh and the Buddha express the intent of your practice, while the form-fitting style will keep you comfortable in your yoga flow.

Yoga tee shirt purple buddha

My sister in the Purple Buddha T-Shirt. Fabulous!

And after your yoga practice, you can slip into one of our stunning yoga dresses. The Sun Salutation Dress and the Yoga Collage Dress, with their beautiful, eye-catching patchwork designs, are not just colorful but comfortable too! Made of heavy cotton, they can be paired with leggings and be warm enough even on a frosty winter morning. Recently I wore the Collage Dress to work at my massage studio in Saratoga Springs — and my client loved it so much, she bought it right off me!

The slogan of a national yoga center in nearby Massachusetts is “Fully Human, Fully Alive.” The slogan of my company is “Love What You Wear.” My hope is that these yoga tees and yoga dresses will combine those two concepts, to support you in your practice and to help you in loving and accepting your body. Nothing could please me more than to provide clothing that is not simply worn, but that also expresses the joy of your spirit as you work on yourself physically, emotionally, and spiritually! Namaste!

~ Mary Kuntz

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Comments (5 Responses)

  1. Frank says:

    I love the bright colors of these dresses. And the designs on the tees are really fun and unique. You have a good eye for interesting-looking women’s fashions!

  2. Lori says:

    I am so happy to see you expanding your clothing line. Considering I already own so many of your beautiful pieces, this gives me the opportunity to expand my wardrobe! The versatility of your clothing is true to your slogan “Love What You Wear.” Whatever my day expects of me, I am always confident in your clothing. The ease of movement paired with the vibrant colors allows me to fully express who I am on any particular day. Congratulations, I can’t wait to begin shopping!

  3. I love your clothing! Everytime I wear it I’m showered with compliments. The colors always brighten my mood too. What I think I love most is the fact that your clothing is as comfortable as it is beautiful. It feels like wearing PJ’s, but with no frump factor!

  4. Ron Duty says:

    This has been a very helpful post and the information contained in it has been and will be very helpful

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