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Amma Rosewood Wrist Mala


These beautiful rosewood Amma wrist malas, or mantra bracelets, are worn for spiritual uplift as well as for relaxation and purification. Rosewood is a much-prized component of ritual malas, and it is said to aid in relaxation and the reduction of excessive thoughts and nervous energy. Malas are symbols of the neverending cycle of eternity and are beloved of many deities. Sandalwood is especially sacred to Shiva and to Ganesh, the Lord of Success and the remover of obstacles. The main beads are rosewood mixed with stones. No two malas are alike, and stones may vary.

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The Amma wrist mala, or mantra bracelet, is worn for spiritual uplift as well as for relaxation and purification. These beautiful prayer beads, which are made from rosewood, come from the Amma ashram in India and are imbued with Amma’s spirit.

About Amma (Mata Amritanandamayi Devi)

Born in 1953 in India, Mata Amritanandamayi Devi is a Hindu spiritual leader and teacher who is revered as a saint by her followers. Through her extraordinary acts of love and self-sacrifice, Amma (or “Mother,” as she is known) has endeared herself to millions around the world, tenderly embracing everyone who comes to her. She shares her boundless love with all, regardless of their beliefs. Amma has transformed the lives of countless people, one embrace at a time (also called darshan). Since her teenage years, Amma is said to have hugged more than 29 million people. She has a vast network of charitable activities through which people are discovering the sense of peace that comes from serving others. You can learn more about her life in the book Messages from Amma.

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