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Magenta Merino Wool All-over Scarf


Colorful and chic in any weather, this ultra-comfortable scarf from India is made from Merino wool and has a striking floral embroidered design.

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Product Description

Whether worn around the neck or draped over the shoulders as a shawl, our versatile all-over scarf from India will help you stay warm — and stylish — in any weather! Made from ultra-comfortable Merino wool and beautifully embroidered with a floral design, this chic-looking scarf also has tassels along the edges.

About Merino Wool

Originally bred in Spain as early as the 16th century, but now raised worldwide (Vermont and Australia in particular), Merino sheep are prized for the quality and desirability of the fleece they produce, which is considered to be among the softest and finest wool of any breed of sheep.

One of the distinctive properties of Merino wool is the size of its fibers, which are smaller relative to most other types of wool. Thus, it boasts a superior warmth-to-weight ratio.

And because it is so finely crimped and exceptionally soft, Merino wool is not only very comfortable to wear, but also does an excellent job of regulating body temperature without overheating the wearer. For this reason, it is an ideal choice for cold-weather outdoor wear, like the scarf shown here.

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