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Spring: The Season for White

“White is associated with purity because the entire spectrum is functioning in unity. White is a healing color. White is appropriate for weddings because the unity of male and female symbolizes the unity of allness.”

—Tae Yun Kim

The Nature of White

Golden Garden Top

The brown, gray, and gold floral print on our new Golden Garden Top really pops against the light-colored cotton background.

Spring is upon us, and traditionally that is the season for wearing white. (Personally, however, I believe it is a great color for all seasons!)

In terms of appearance, plain white clothing can be beautiful and elegant all by itself; however, colored embellishments on unpigmented fabric such as sequins, beading, and block-print patterns tend to stand out better against a pale background.

Technically, white is characterized as achromatic, which means literally “without color.” And yet it is really the combination of every shade in the entire spectrum of visible colors. One of the most common hues in nature, white is the color of sunlight, snow, and milk—things that we typically think of as pure and clean.

White is also the color of sand on many beaches around the world (due to the combined refraction and reflection of light through fine translucent mineral crystals). And clouds are white for a similar reason: the water droplets or ice crystals they contain scatter the light of the seven wavelengths and combine them into a single shade of white.

The Wisdom of White

da Vinci: Lady with an Ermine

Lady with an Ermine
Leonardo da Vinci (1490)
In the Renaissance, white ermines symbolized qualities of purity and nobility.

In many cultures around the world, white signifies purity, innocence, and perfection, among many other positive attributes. For example, white daises are a symbol of loyal love. It is also the most important color for most of the world’s religions, such as Roman Catholicism, where it has long stood as a symbol of sacrifice and purity. And in India it is traditionally worn by the Brahmins (the high class of priests and teachers).

The Latin language had two words for “white”: albus (a plain white) and candidus (a brighter white). In ancient Rome, people running for political office traditionally wore a toga lightened with chalk, called a toga candida, to signal their honesty as public officials. That is the origin of our English word candidate.

At a more metaphysical level, whiteness naturally appeals to and heals the body, mind, and spirit. It stands for kindness, wholeness, completion, openness, and truth. It is the color of the awakened spirit, the light of cosmic consciousness. It represents divinity and infinite energy.

White is the perfect color, because it contains all colors in sublime harmony and balance.

At Premadaya, we offer many kurta tunics in this shade. Our styles include casual everyday women’s tops with embroidery and block-prints, as well as more glamorous styles with beading and sequins. Some are long and some are hip length. But all are beautiful!

Here are a few examples from our store:


~ Mary Kuntz

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  1. Susan Meyer says:

    Interesting blog post Mary! I’ve always loved white and now I know why….
    Love the Silver Glam top BTW.

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